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The alternative to Scrum and Kanban for business teams

Key Points



Vima is an Agile team-level framework specifically designed to support business teams that do NOT have innovation or product development work as their main mission. With Vima, you are no longer restricted to Scrum or Kanban as a team-level approach.



Vima brings business agility to teams: adaptability to change, ability to focus while embracing uncertainty, clear prioritization, strong teamwork, continuous improvement, transparency, sustainable pace.


Vima is essentially a well designed fork of Scrum, with adaptations and new patterns tailored to the specific application domain of chaotic business teams.


You can use Vima with any team where Scrum and Kanban are not a good fit due to the nature of the work to be managed.


Some example applications are: admin, marketing, HR, core business processes, leadership teams, whole SMEs, ​and even personal productivity and family management.


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